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Justin Winters - President
TECL 25660


About Pro-Tec Electric

Pro-Tec Electric is a full service electrical contracting company serving multi-family builders all over the state of Texas.

Justin Winters, President of Pro-Tec Electric, has over 20 years over seeing the electrical installation in thousands of apartments, town homes and assisted living facilities. Pro-Tec Electric was founded in 2003 when Justin brought all the valuable experience he learned as a project manager for one of the top E.C. in the DFW area. Pro-Tec Electric has grown into a top flight multi-family electrical contractor that can handle all aspects of any multi-family project from garden style, podium and assisted living from ground up.

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Justin Winters, president of Pro-Tec Electric, is actively involved in every phase of every job we are involved in and is available to his customers 24/7.