Buying or selling a house? Get ahead of the game with a real estate electrical inspection to save you time and some money in the future.

commercial contracting

Converting your building from incandescent lights to LED lights? We can get the job done no matter how large of a building you’re in.

new construction

Electrical for new construction can be a tricky process. There are so many different things that need to be addressed which is why we specialize in it!

electrical services

Looking to spice up your outdoor areas? No only do we do indoor lighting, we also do any kind of outdoor lighting you can think of!

smoke detectors

Hooking up smoke detectors is a very important process. You need to know they work completely and they won’t have a malfunction.

residential contracting

Whether your home needs a quick upgrade or a total re-do, we’ve got you covered. Everything from lighting fixtures to electric service upgrades, we do it all.